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eMETA Affiliate is a unique opportunity for you to promote your learning programs by building a network of Affiliate Organizations. Affiliate Organizations promote your programs in return for a commission of your enrolment fees.

eMETA Affiliate supports a Two-Tier System

Organizations can participate in your Affiliate Program in one of three ways:

Parent Affiliate – an association with member organizations. Parent Affiliates recruit their members to become “Sub Affiliates”. By promoting your online learning programs through their member organizations Parent Affiliates receive a commission of your enrolment fees each time one of their Sub Affiliates receives a commission.

Sub Affiliate – member organization of a Parent Affiliate association. When an individual enrolls in one of your online learning programs using a Sub Affiliate’s promotional code number, that Sub Affiliate receives a commission of the enrolment fee.

Affiliate – available to organizations not associated with a Parent Affiliate. Affiliates earn a commission of the enrolment fee each time an individual enrols in one of your online courses using their promotional code number.

How Organizations join your Affiliate Program:

Parent Affiliates – Associations can become Parent Affiliates by contacting you. With your permission eMETA will install this association into your eMETA Provider as a Parent Affiliate. Installation is free.

Sub Affiliates - join by completing a registration form on your eMETA Provider website. During registration the Sub affiliate selects their Parent Affiliate from a drop down list provided on the registration form. See side example 

Affiliate - join by completing a registration form on your eMETA Provider website. See side example

eMETA Affiliate will automatically disburse commissions

How it works:

All participating associations and organizations will need a PayPal account. We recommend they open a PayPal account exclusively for your Affiliate Program.

Sub Affiliate or Affiliate organizations will be provided a unique promotional code number. Promotional code numbers are automatically emailed to the Affiliate organization immediately after they register in your Affiliate Program.  

When an individual enrols in one of your learning programs using an Affiliate’s unique Promotional Code Number that organization receives a commission of your enrolment fee. If that organization is a Sub Affiliate then their Parent Affiliate also receives a commission of your enrolment fee. Commissions due are automatically disbursed into the PayPal accounts of Affiliates immediately after the learner completes paying your enrolment fee. The balance of your enrolment fee is automatically deposited into your PayPal account.

As an incentive, we recommend learners receive a discount off your enrolment fee if they use one of your Affiliate’s Promotional Code Numbers.

You determine commission and discount fee structure.


Parent Affiliates have 24/7 access to reports providing the names of organizations that have registered as their Sub Affiliate, date they registered and within a designated time period how much commission they have earned.

Sub Affiliates and Affiliates have 24/7 access to reports providing within a designated time period the names of those who have enrolled in your learning programs using their promotional code number, date they enrolled and how much total commission they have earned.  

Each month eMETA sends to you a report on all Affiliate activities and commissions earned as part of our turnkey management service.


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