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eMETA Classroom
eMETA Classroom

eMETA Classroom is an extension of eMETA Provider. eMETA will setup your classroom environment.

Each of your instructors will be assigned an eMETA Classroom. Within their online classroom instructors can profile themselves, edit at will their Classroom Home page and your instructors will have a selection of easy to use, interactive tools to better engage, support and manage their learners (see below).

Learners select, enroll and access their instructor's classroom via a Classroom Directory. Capacity of a classroom is 100 learners. Instructors may have more than one classroom. Learners may enroll in more than one classroom.

Learners can access and participate in classroom activities through their mobile devices.

Enrolment: Instructors can view/download enrolment list, enrol or unenrol learners, restrict enrolment

Video Conferencing: Instructors can video conference with up to 20 learners at a time

My Tracker: Instructors can monitor the progress of a learner through any course in your eLearning Center

Groups: Instructors can create groups. Instructors assign learners to groups for special assignments, group learning and other activities

Blogs: Groups can be assigned a group blog to post comments, questions and responses

Email Manager: Instructors can email individual learners, groups of learners or entire class of learners

Calendar: Schedule assignments, tests or special events

Message Board: Post messages for learners. Set up RSS Feed to alert learners

File Storage: Distribute to learners any digital file such as documents, illustrations, images, PowerPoint or video

Assignment Dropbox: Receive assignments from learners. Learners can upload any digital file such as documents, images, PowerPoints, videos for review by instructor

Frequently Asked Questions: Create an FAQ

Glossary: Create a glossary of words and terms.

Reading List: Create a reading list; cross reference by title, author and/or subject

Photo Gallery: Create a photo gallery where learners can upload and display their photos and illustrations

Forums: Create a discussion forum for learners. Instructor monitors and administers learner comments

Polls: Create a poll

Tests & Surveys: Administer an automated test or survey. Tests can be simple quizzes or comprehensive examinations. Surveys use likert questions to gauge learner opinion. See eMETA Provider Test & Certification for more detail

Wiki: Create a wiki so learners can share files or collaborate on assignments with other learners in classroom

Links: Provide links to any website or online content including search engines. Opens in second window so learner remains in classroom


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