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eMETA Community
eMETA Community

Create within your eMETA Classroom environment a secure social network where your learners can profile themselves, setup and/or join learning communities, create a personal photo gallery and so much more.

Screen shot of learner's social network setup dashboard 

eMETA Community Features Include:

  • My Profile: Learners create their own profile with option of displaying their photo. Learners can control who has access to their profile and network account
  • My Contacts: Learners create their own contact list among learners enrolled in their classroom
  • My Group: Learners can create their own learning communities. Within their learning community they can share files between members, collaborate on assignments, initiate discussions via a discussion forum. Learners can also join learning communities created by other learners and participate in their activities
  • My Photo Gallery: Learners can create their own gallery for the display personal photos and illustrations
  • My Gadgets: Learners can integrate into their social network account Apps from the Google Gadget store. All "gadgets" are free. Gadget Apps can be used for everything from integrating into a learner's account social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to language translation and health tips, from news feeds to solving math equations. Click side image to see the 100's of Gadget Apps available to your learners 


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