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eMETA provides organizations with a unique turnkey service: from the building and hosting of your exclusive online learning system website, to the development, installation and delivery of courses to learner support and website maintenance 

eMETA Provider

For the delivery of live webinars and self-paced learning programs in your own branded online environment. Fully automates the testing of learners and issuing CEUs. Free course installation, turnkey services Learn more…..

eMETA Classroom

An Extension of eMETA Provider... Further engage, support and manage your learners with a set of easy to use interactive tools such as message boards,  glossaries, forums, wikies and so much more. Learn more…..

eMETA Community

An Extension of eMETA Classroom... Foster sharing, collaboration & mentoring among your learners in your own secure social network. Learners profile themselves, create and/or join learning communities. Learn more…..

eMETA Affiliate

Build a network of affiliate organizations promoting your learning programs. Supports two-tier program, automates disbursement of commissions, comprehensive reporting features. Learn more….

Experience Firsthand the Many Features of eMETA 

Take a free tour of our eMETA Demonstration Site and experience firsthand the many interactive learning features and delivery systems of our eMETA Provider LMS. Also included in our Demonstration Site are details of our pricing structure and turnkey management services. 

Who is using eMETA Learning Solutions.....

"Thank you eMETA for your exceptional support. Your Learning Environment has provided Encompass with all the resources and tools we need for the successful delivery of our educational and certification programs to a global audience." Debbie Dutton-Lambert Founder & Dr. Daina Dennis Presenter - Encompass Workplace Mental Health is a program created by Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services. Online programs created and managed by eMETA Learning Solutions. See


eMETA is a proprietary platform and operating model developed by eMETA Learning Solutions
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