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Train your staff, clients, members and professional constituency with your own fully branded eLearning website… 

eMETA Learning Solutions provides a unique turn-key service that:


  1. Builds your eLearning website on your own dedicated URL.
  2. Formats and installs your online self-directed courses.
  3. Deposits course fees directly into your financial gateway account.
  4. Delivers your courses in a variety of formats (recorded webinar, video, illustrations, dynamic text, PDF Handouts).
  5. Administers automated quizzes.
  6. Issues customized, automated certificates of completion and learner transcripts.
  7. Meets the accreditation requirements of most professional regulatory organizations.
  8. Supports your learners.
  9. Provides you the administrator with course, enrollment, and revenue reports.

"Thank you eMETA for your exceptional support. Your Learning Environment has provided Encompass with all the resources and tools we need for the successful delivery of our educational and certification programs to a global audience." Debbie Dutton-Lambert Founder & Dr. Daina Dennis Presenter - Encompass Workplace Mental Health is a program created by Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services. Online programs created and managed by eMETA Learning Solutions. 


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