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About Geran Capewell, Founder and President of eMETA Learning Solutions.

Geran worked in live stage production and the performing arts for over forty-five years; first as a technical roadie for such groups as Supertramp then on to production management for major events such as the Calgary Olympics, Commonwealth and Canada Games and finally to producing such productions as New York’s Porgy and Bess.

With over 30 years as an event/show producer and non-profit administrator/fundraiser, Geran was considered one of North America's most accomplished consultants. His events won numerous national and international awards. His projects included some of the largest events in North America.

In 1994 Geran won a national competition to produce the nightly summer show for tourists on Parliament Hill in Canada’s national capitol Ottawa. Geran’s production Reflections of Canada a Symphony of Sound and Light was the featured presentation on Parliament Hill for five years between 1995 and 1999.

In 2008, while providing administrative consulting for a major mental health organization in the United States, Geran saw a need for a learning management system that better catered to the needs of organizations providing professional development programs for their members. Geran brought together a team of Developers, IT Specialists and Educators to build the eMETA Platform. Over 20 different open source applications were integrated into eMETA, many customized to serve specific needs. In addition proprietary applications not available in open source were developed to exclusively serve professional development, continuing education and training Providers. The result is a feature-rich Learning Environment now used by Provider organizations in a wide variety of professions and industries throughout North America.

Geran Capewell now devotes all his time to the development of eMETA Learning Solutions.


The engine platform on which eMETA is built is ATutor licensed by eMeta Learning Solutions under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Protocol. ATutor was originally developed by Greg Gay at the University of Toronto in Canada and is now maintained by the Inclusive Design Research Centre at the Ontario College of Art & Design University. ATutor is being used as the principle Learning Management System by leading universities and learning institutes around the world.


eMETA is a proprietary platform and operating model developed by eMETA Learning Solutions
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