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eMETA eLearning Platform
eMETA eLearning Platform

eMETA eLearning Platform fully automates the delivery of self-paced learning programs and the testing and certification of Learners; providing you with the opportunity to train your constituency and generate income with minimum effort and expense!  Features include:

Screen Shots
Screen Shots


  • Branding: Your fully branded online eLearning Center environment will reside on a dedicated URL you can link to your website. See screen shot example
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Your eLearning Center will be integrated with your Online Payment Gateway account for the collection of enrolment fees. eMETA supports PayPal, Mira Pay, Moneris and Bambora gateways
  • Categories: Courses can be organized by industry, profession, accrediting organization or other categories for easy search and access by learners
  • Security: Your courses will reside in a secure environment. Learners must register in your eLearning Center before they can enrol in a course
  • Management: You have a number of tools to track and manage learner enrolment and activity
  • Certificate: Setup includes the creation of your customized Certificate of Completion (See Testing & Certification)
  • Compliance: eMETA complies to SCORM & IMS interoperability standards and US Section 508, IMS Access for all & W3C WCAG/ATAG 2.0 accessibility standards

Delivery of Courses

  • eMETA will install and deliver your self-paced courses: Learning content can be delivered in a variety of self-paced formats – recorded webinars, PowerPoint, video, downloadable PDF documents, flash interactive illustrations, dynamic text linked to a glossary,  photos and graphics
  • Course organization: Self-paced courses can be delivered as a single component (such as a recorded webinar) or organized into modules accessed from a side menu. Modules can contain multiple content formats.  Modules can be random (Learners access modules in any order) or linear (Learners must pass a quiz before entering the next module)

Automated Testing & Certification

  • Tests: Your eMETA eLearning Center fully automates the administration of tests. Tests can be a simple quiz or comprehensive examination. Learners receive their result immediately after submitting the test
  • Test Questions: There are six different types of questions that can be used in a test – multiple choice, multiple answer, matching, ordering, true or false, yes or no. Questions can contain reference material such as photos, graphics, PDF documents and video. Learners can receive feedback on questions after submitting test
  • Certification: Learners who have successfully passed a test can immediately download their PDF Certificate of Completion. Certificates contain the Learner’s name, course name, credits earned and date completed. Certificate design is customized to your specifications
  • Accreditation: Your eLearning Center can accommodate multiple accrediting organizations. Courses and tests can be designed to meet the compliance requirements of each accrediting organization. Learner selects course or test based on from which accrediting organization they wish to receive credit. You can customize a Certificate of Completion for each of your accrediting organizations
  • Live Events: You can use your eLearning Center to administer testing and certification for a live event. After the live event attendees register in your eLearning Center, enrol in your event and take an automated certification test. If successful the attendee receives their Certificate of Completion and transcript record.


  • Transcripts: Learners registered in your eLearning Center have access to their permanent Transcript of all courses taken and credits earned. Transcripts (and certificates) can be used by Learner as verification they have completed the course as required by their regulatory organization. 
  • Surveys: You can conduct learner surveys within each of your courses.
  • Reports: Available to you are a set of comprehensive statistical, analytical and learner activity reports in either an Excel or PDF format. Reports can be organized by time period, event, course, category or accrediting organization. (See screen shot of a typical monthly course report)
  • Customization: Reports can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each of your accrediting organizations


  • eMETA provides turn-key hosting, support and management services
  • Hosting: eMETA hosts your eLearning Center on our secure dedicated servers. All content is backed-up and mirrored
  • Support: Learners have direct access to eMETA support if they have a technical issue (You are responsible for course content support)
  • Management: eMETA monitors activity and provides you with a monthly report

Take a free sample course in eMETA's Engineer eLearning Centre


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